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well, let's see, over the years I've been called an ingenious photographer, a thoughtful writer, an intrepid photojournalist, an insightful documentarian, a heck of an editor, a daring adventurer, a swell conversationalist, a lover of big dogs, a philanthropist (somewhat), a doer of (not so daring) deeds, a really strange driver, one seriously lousy, make that pathetic, golfer, a goofy and often less than adequate husband, a seriously embarrassment of a father, and yet a rather dependable friend. In general, I guess, 'most' people consider me to be one hell of a contradictory dude, if not just another disingenuous bastard: but hey, not all of us can be "the most interesting man in the world" now can we? Peace: Out

"stay thirsty my friends"


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