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Hello, my name is Thoms Gregory Shipman, and I’m a poet and fictional story writer. I go by my writer’s name Gregory Thomas.
Most of my writing has meaning to it, or tries in someway to convey a message, usually about morality, or good versus evil.

Moreover, I hope you enjoy reading my stories and poems as much as I enjoy writing them. Please remember to spread the word about me, I also make videos on youtube, just type in my user name “MrReaperofDead” in the search. If you want to get in contact with me, you can reach me by my contact info underneath. Thanks! :)


facebook: Thomas Gregory Shipman

(For Skyrim game pictures and hidden Messages by an Insane High Elf Yakuza Samurai Babe)

Twitter: MrReaperofDead

-NOTE ABOUT PERMISSION: Please do not use, upload, or display ANY content from my poems, pictures, or stories anywhere on any other website without my approval or knowledge-

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