Ms. Phoebe

A royal Queen dilute tortie ladycat who rules over her Queendom subjects in the Pacific Northwest. I am a senior ladycat with special needs who rescued my human/staff/Mom from our local Humane Society and find it my duty and passion to help spread awareness about the pawesome benefits of being adopted by a senior or special needs cat like myself. We have the same worth, love, and desire for a forever home like all cats- keep mewz mind and heart open to the possibility!
Update: After defying the odds and kicking the arse of my disease by living almost 7 years longer than doctors had given my human/slave/Mom as a prognosis, I earned my wings 1/19/14 at the age of 13 1/2 years. A brave and loving warrior I proudly reign as a truly royal angel Queen. My final request to my subjects in the Earthly realm is the legacy I leave behind be a continued awareness and advocacy for the adoption of animals with special needs. Please do not hesitate to consider an animal with special needs: physical, medical, behavioral, or emotional if mew are considering adoption. And remember: Rescue is the best breed! Mewmew!