We are Mudzini youth group of ages 18-30 years from Kinango (a small coastal town ) in Kenya East of Africa. 'Mudzini' is an ethnic name which means community. We came up together  to start a small project of providing sanitary towels for menstruating  teeanage girls in our community. Most girls drop out of school for lack of sanitary towels,so by visiting schools,homes,churches  and mosques we donate the sanitary towels and help the girls stay in school. We also do counselling  and help the girls identify  their talents. For a year now we have been volunteering and using our own little money we would buy sanitary towels,books,pens,bags and spending  more on our transportation to different  villages in Kinango,Kenya. We are looking  for partners,donors and wellwishers from all over the globe to help  us buy sanitary  towels,books,pens,bags and every little thing to make the girls stay in school.We will  be grateful  if we get funds to help us make a positive  change in the community.With the funds we are going to get from wellwishers,we plan and promise to visit more villages,and schools to help more and more girls to stay in school. You can reach us through (our founders email adress).