Munir Gomaa

Munir Gomaa lives in the Chicagoland area. He is a graduate from the University of Chicago, where he studied health sciences and obtained a bachelors degree in Psychology. Munir graduated dental school in June of 2017 and currently practices in Lockport, Illinois. In addition to his dental clinical work, he conducts research on fear and anxiety associated with going to a dentist. While he hopes to practice dentistry, he plans to continue his research and educational pursuits in the field of psychology post-graduation. Munir is deeply interested in servicing communities that have little to no access to healthcare, and hopes to make this a key part of his dental practice in the future.

This blog is intended as a resource for health professionals interested in applying both psychology and community service to their practices. Munir believes health professionals will best serve their patients when they take a more holistic approach in treating them; learning about and empathizing with their patients, understanding how stress and anxiety might exacerbate a patient’s physical symptoms, and encouraging patients to feel at ease confronting and treating their health problems are key to providing the best possible treatment. Munir has a special interest in serving underrepresented members of society.