I am Murali, live in Chennai, India. The reason behind this blog is people. I have met many characters instead of many people through the journey of my life and my occupation. Some may succeed in life easily on the other hand some may not, even they tried hard. Some may have a strong relationship whereas some may not have. Everything based on our character. All these come under ‘LIFE.’

Yes, I would like to write about life. It’s not only my life or your life but it is everybody’s life. It reflects like a mirror. Sometimes you can see yourself in this mirror. So I mean to say that it happens in everyone’s life. This is just a reflector. At the same time, I must tell you one thing that I am not a genius or a master to write all about life. It’s purely based on my experiences with the people whom I met.

This is my new path on which I wish to walk successfully throughout my life with my clear thoughts and positivity about life.