Changchun, China

I am a native American from the state of Virginia, currently living in China. I am the founder of Mustard Seed Faith Blog. A place for studying and learning the truth of Jesus Christ.

I am married to my wonderful wife Ding Yanhui (Tai). She is the most caring and supportive wife as she is in the baby steps of her journey with the Lord. I have a grown son and stepdaughter. I am in my 60s and God after many trials in my life has chosen me to serve Him through my Christian Blog. My home is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ far and wide. Mustard Seed Faith Blog has been shared in over 170 countries worldwide. What a blessing God has done spreading His word. You may also follow me on my other blog that follows my life in China with my wife Tai. It is a wonderful experience to have so many join me on my journey.

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