South Africa Johannesburg

I guess this were i need to tell you about myself , I love to interact with people it has became my second nature . I love traveling since i am an online entrepreneur , i work everywhere i go and i see the beauty that is pleasing to the eye . I take my health very serious and i follow strict diet and work out daily . Open minded i believe the day you stop learning is the day you die so ready to be schooled on daily basis . I share knowledge with what I've learned and take constructive criticism seriously . I love reading and i am working on publishing my first book not yet completed . I love good music no specific genre and i was part of the music band playing bass guitar . I love soccer even though i was not a good player during my playing days , my favorite team is Kaizer Chiefs a very good team from South Africa . I am a mindset coach and i believe in the law of attraction or universal laws . I have a beautiful daughter Esihlisipho meaning a beautiful gift , i'm separated with my customary law wife with no chance for us to work things out so i'm looking {LOL} . Most importantly i love money i believe money is important that's why i choose entrepreneurship over 9 to 5 job .