I am a stay at home mom to 2 teenagers and married to a wonderful man that owns his own business. We have lived in FL since 2014 and love it! I grew up in Maryland (DC area) and then lived in Memphis TN area for 15 years. Our 2 boys were born in Memphis and lived there through Elementary School. We moved to Florida because we like it and we wanted to live closer to my family (in GA). St. Augustine is such a neat town, historical, beautiful, and quaint. We love to go to the beach and my 3 guys love to fish! In my younger years (ha ha), I was a day care director and school teacher. I gave up working to be home with my kids. It's been an adventure for sure! I'll share some of that fun along the way. Now that my boys are getting older and more independent, some of the hobbies and things I enjoy on my own time are crafting (I like to consistently try new crafts and I scrapbook), photography (I have always always enjoyed taking photos but I recently got a new camera, so now I am enjoying it even more!), shelling, birds, going new places, wildlife/animals in general, and I can't forget studying the Word of God.