Born in Wales yet other nations run through my veins.
I studying many subjects though my degree is in Sociology, during my industrial placement year I spent within the Forensic Science Service & later the Home Office, later working with the African - Carribean community to dispel health inequalities, I have then since supported children & young people with ASD. In amongst it I attained the theoretical Framework of Counselling certificates, & ASD and complex/additional support needs of young people.
Ancient civilisations, religions are also vast points of interest to me & hold the keys that I feel I learn from.
I was diagnosed with PTSD initially but surmounted that horrific condition to be left with the residual of Bipolar Affective Disorder, although a lot of self reflective work has helped me get to this stage of peace I feel within me now (though I am always growing).
There are So many Positive leaders of my past, even those who at the face of it seemed to hinder my way for you all brought me here & have brought about this shift of change in me.
For I Am grateful to you beyond words, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for without you I would not have had the courage to publish these works. Thank you. I AM truly blessed.