I am an avid reader, I love novels & series in romance. I am just in the beginnings of writing my first book. The way this happened was very awesome for me. I was doing an oracle card reading for myself, from the Medicine cards, it had said that I was to write a book.I laughed at that, but in time I listen to what my guides were telling me. I didn't know what it was to be about, then it came to me that I could write a book a Chakras, Crystals & Animals. I became very excited & started to write, with a small bio on myself & how this came to be.
I also found a publishing company that will work with me, I was also told that one of the best ways to promote my book was to start a blog & get involved with the social media, this would help with followers & sales of the book.
I give thanks to the Divine, Creator, God for assisting me with this part of my life.
As move forward as I just want to say welcome to my blog!

As a reminder, while writing these blogs, I wish to state that these are not full-fledged remedies, nor are they prescriptions. Should you have a serious condition or think you need a professional, please consult your doctor. They are to help with learning how to use them in your understanding of Spiritual living, to help with meditation & use with your chakras.

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