Madhavi Adavi

So, here I am !!!

Just another simple girl (rather woman) with no big dreams. All I like is being happy, smiling every moment and enjoying life.

Love cooking, like shopping and enjoy lazying. From being a girl who resisted to pay bills, who hated to grow up, life taught lessons to grow up into a multi-tasking woman donning the roles of a obsessive mother, a loving wife, a humble daughter-in-law and a bubbly daughter and finally a sincere employee at work.

So, how did this blog happen?

On a quite Sunday evening, just being bored of the regular chores, not knowing what to do, I started this blog. This was meant for the sheer pleasure of expression, but it turned out to be the biggest tutor for me.

This blog has become a place to explore the myriad thoughts burgeoning in my mind, learning the lessons of life, learning the expressions of thought, learning to share views.

Most of my blog posts are random thoughts triggering from our daily experiences and the beautiful lessons of my parenting journey.

I hope you have a good experience reading my blog posts. Please leave a comment if you like any of them. I would love to hear from you.

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