Hey you,
Thanks for being here! My name is Suzene Risebrough but everyone calls me Zen or San.
I’m a crazy mama of two adorable little monkeys; Kehdann and Saoirse. I’m married to my long time partner-in-crime & lover; Glen. Together we are a rambunctious, extremely outgoing family who lives in one of the best places on earth; Vancouver, Canada.
I love to share my journey as a mama who tries to do it all! In hopes of helping others, I also like to share some aspects of my life and past experiences; struggles, obstacles, and life lessons that I’ve learned throughout my lifetime that helped to shape the person I am today.
I’m very much into health & wellness, fitness, cooking/food, crafts, photo editing, motherhood, skincare/beauty (I used to be an esthetician!) and of course some tips and tricks that helps make my life easier! See, I told you I try to do everything! haha.
I hope you Stick around, Get to know me and join my Zen Community! I love meeting new friends, all women and mamas from all around the Globe!
ox.ox. Zen ♡