My Worth

Im a young woman, christian woman, who enjoys reading really. Im not a writer by nature but I figured to be heard, you need to voice out something. Originally im from Zimbabwe, the small parts of the country actually but relocated to South Africa at the age of 20....all on my own because of the obvious economic and political unrest. Because of this move and having to face real life and adulthood on my own I came to learn a lot about the struggles in life that people face, particularly women. From being a mere waitress to being part of a dynamic corporate firm i can safely say I too have had my fair share of struggles. My journey isnt over yet, Im still climbing the corporate ladder, still full of ambition and goals, studying and working hard.

I've been accused of being conservative and somewhat reserved, but who cares.....i love life none the less. I spend my days working, studying, listening to music, Chris Brown to be exact lol....I love to sing, I sing in Church but dance in private. In essence im a nurturer. Love life love people.