Nada Djordjevich

1300 Clay Street, Suite 600 Oakland, CA 94612, United States

Nada Djordjevich is a writer, educator, and consultant. A graduate of Harvard University and UC Berkeley, Nada has supported schools, communities and arts organizations for 15+ years. Nada is currently the Executive Director of Gibson and Associates, a national consulting firm based in the Bay Area.
She will be performing her short story at this year's San Francisco Litquake Literary Festival in October 2017. Nada Djordjevich co-founded an online literary magazine and has received honors and awards for short fiction and screenplays. She holds a professional credential in screenwriting from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television and is a member of Bay Area Women in Film and Media.
Nada has taught and worked in a variety of educational settings including public and private high schools in Massachusetts, New York and California. She was a member of the adjunct writing faculty at City College of San Francisco for eight years.
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