naicasimiro (Ethics)

1. Course - BA Film
2. Favorite Book - Norwegian wood (Noruwei no Mori) - I’ve read it when I was 15. It’s a coming of age story that I was somehow able to relate with—struggle with uncertainty in life, finding one’s identity and the meaning of existence. The reminiscences of the main character got me into a roller coaster of emotions and made me feel nostalgic. It also gave me a different perception about life and death.
3. Favorite Film - Snowpiercer by Bong Joon Ho. I got intrigued by how it portrayed the concept of ideology, politics, and economic structures of society in one location—a train.
4. Favorite Media Practitioner - I admire Hayao Miyazaki. I grew up watching Studio Ghibli films; he inspired me with his masterful storytelling and his recurring social relevant themes in animation films.
5. Favorite Song - Jak En Poy by Bullet Dumas. It’s a catchy song and I’ve been playing it on repeat. It reminds me of childhood and Jack n Poy, but the song put a twist on it.
6. Favorite meal - I love chicken wings. Hickory, soy garlic, buffalo, classic, tebasaki, anything. I can eat it with rice for consecutive days.
7. Hobbies - My hobbies include drinking milk tea and watching films/ youtube videos.