Hello Precious one!
Welcome to the most interesting blog ever!
Do you want to know my name?
Ha-ha! Am NAJ popularly known as GOLDENSTONEABY? I also respond to Princess Afrikaana.
Fashion has also being a part of me since I turned 8.
You know what buddy? Fashion is never about labels. Oh! Yea! Never about labels, is it all about bringing out you in you. "Never ever wear a cloth because you see people wear them. Naa! It's an error. Just recreate, restyle and add a touch of difference to what you already have. It's about looking good and being proud of you." Says my mum!
Charlie! I love to look and feel good in everything I put on my skin irrespective of how simple it is. In case you need inspirations, fashion tips and lifestyle tips you can always check here and you will never regret. Make this blog your number one fashion domain for us to share passion forever.....