I'm currently living in a small fishing town in a remote part of Alaska. I have lived in Hawaii, NYC, and Colorado. I am a Georgia native. Writing has been a therapeutic outlet ever since I started writing poetry in my preteen years. At nine years of age I told my mom that I wanted to write a book about my life. I started the process of writing a memoir in 2009. The second project I took up actually started with my move to Denver in July 2017. I decided to change my life, move across the country, and become debt free in less than three years. The third and final project underway is titled "3:10 to RiNo". 3:10 (for short) is a science fiction novel based in 2121. The title is a parody of Elmore Leonard's western titled "Three-Ten to Yuma". In the wake of the fall of capitalism a lethal virus kills 1/3rd of the Worlds population. The story follows the main character, Angel, as she struggles to attain a better life amidst a world that is falling apart due to social unrest and global warming. Upon moving to the historic RiNo district in Denver Angel meets a conspiracy theorist named Jet. Although the two have very opposite beliefs regarding the state of the world, they become inseparable friends. After Angel discovers a piece of her family history that doesn't add up she begins to take Jet's work seriously. The original plan for this blog was to share parts of my fiction novel, however due to publishing opportunities I have decided to discontinue publishing online content of the book. I will post book updates periodically, and have decided to write short inspirational pieces about my travels to replace the content for this blog.

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