Mikkel Chandler

Hello Everybody, My name is Mikkel, December the 3rd 2018 There was a major car wreck my mom was almost killed and at 4:01 that day My life changed. We had just left the Doctor and he said Mikkel you have got to get your blood pressure down, you need to Shape Up! I remember the wreck it was all in slow motion as we got Plowed into by someone who ran the red light... The clock said 4:00 and just 60 seconds later the clock said 4:01 on the way to the hospital Life Changes & Results took place I decided to start my own fitness supply and clothing store & my creed would be "Helping People Love Health" That's when was born. That's when Heaven came down and woke me up Living to Love Me was the new Mission Helping people wasn't just words it was a Committed Relationship intervention it was Love Love Love yourself so you can Help people Achieve the same. This Blog is my healer my Testament to Loving Me The Me I was Created to be.