Natalie Doig

"Science and sorcery."
It's a quote from a beekeeper I saw on the TV, about how he sees the work he does keeping bees, a balance between science and sorcery.
For me it also sums up my experience of life, my interests and my outlook.
Obviously I love photography which is a perfect blend of science and sorcery, using light and technology to create magical images.
But when I'm not taking photos you'll find me writing, reading, knitting, riding my mountain bike or drinking coffee watching the world go by.
I love the seaside, cats, and cake. I'm fascinated by space and astronomy, psychology and how our brains work, nature, travel, Japan and Australia. I'm into folklore, myths (urban to ancient,) fairy tales and social history. I love going to the theatre and being dramatic ;-)
By day I fight for disability rights, equality and inclusion for all.