Pearl Necklace

Montreal, Canada

Pearl Jewelry & Fashion Blog, News, Report and Reviews on the latest and what is hot today, what is new trend in pearl jewelry fashion and style to share and to discuss. Review modern, classical and traditional pearl jewelry items like pearl necklace , pearl earrings, pearl ring, pearl bracelet and costume pearl jewelry, as memorable gifts to celebrate life achievements for women like wedding, graduation, birth of a child, anniversary of being together. Pearl jewelry gift is gift for life, to remember and to enjoy wearing it every day.
Following my blog you will see a good collection of stories, news and useful information on traditional pearl jewelry items, classical design of pearl necklace, rings and earrings, its modern appeal and attraction of how retro style fit into modern day fashion and styles.
From the history of ancient times pearl jewelry signify high end item that could belong to member of high class society to the present day celebrities styles adorned with pearl necklaces, pearl rings and pearl earrings are the focus of our blog, in the light of advent of new technology of production of pearls, making it affordable and desirable item for all consumers.