I am a 24 year-old intraoperative neuromonitoring technician who will be attending a physician assistant (PA) program (not sure which one yet) in summer/fall 2012. I received my BA in Psychology in 2010 and completed the usual pre-med requirements (bio, chem, and physics), then finished up some remaining PA pre-reqs back at home at a local junior college.
I also consider myself pretty nerdy, and no, it's not because I "love biology" or something cheesy like that. I'm more interested in the social sciences, particularly psychology, and love learning about why people act the way they do. A true introvert, I'm constantly overanalyzing things, and have taken enough personality tests to know my strengths and limitations. I also carry two more "traditional" nerdy interests: playing video games (RPGs!) and watching anime.
So what's the point of this blog? As of now, I can think of three reasons:

1. Chronicle both my PA-S and Pre-PA experiences and give a few pointers regarding the application process: I know that reading the various PA-S/Pre-PA blogs dispersed about the internet was helpful when I was applying. So hopefully this blog can do the same for you, though it'll be geared towards more introverted/nerdy types like me ;).

2. Video game/film/anime reviews: My friends often get pissed because I always read the reviews before I buy/watch/play anything. I love reading reviews and at one point aspired to be a film critic myself. I'm pretty excited because this will be the first time I get to unleash my inner critic via blogging.

3. Practice Writing: Writing has always been my strongest subject but I actually think my ability peaked in 8th grade, due to my kick-ass English teacher. Since then my skills have slowly deteriorated and hopefully blogging can me regain my writing mojo.

So as of now, this is my general plan for this blog. Hope it's an enjoyable read!