# nesha senpai

beastly creature from darkness.

the name is nesha eiga, and you should prefer me as an idiot. definitely a NEET, born in '98, and two decades later still have no achievement in life. at the current time, im pretty busy maintaining my status as an otaku and hikikomori, while trying to keep myself alive somewhere in the west java

as u may know, reading and writing are some of my hobbies; things which related to otaku stuff especially about anime and light novels have always excited me. i tried to do creative things too now and then, sometimes is draw some fanart or make anime music videos.

i do play games too. of course, rpg and mmo is my most favourited type of genre to play. right now, im pretty busy grinding and building up my team on ffbe aka. final fantasy brave exvius. to fill my boring days, i like to decorate my room and just listening to music ... or just sleep, most of the time.

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