XmasDolly aka Marie


Getting old & fat & I HATE IT! Trying to be a really good blogger. I love having friends all over the world. It's so cool & very interesting. I love hugs... they're good for the soul & the heart! So HUGS to all & they'll stay all over my blog for sure. As for as long as you want them!! You need a hug??? COME ON DOWN!!! Stay safe, healthy & happy and a soldier of the Lord & our President Trump will also put in a prayer, this I promise you! God bless you all! Be safe & be healthy & spending more time with loved ones could be trying, so watch your temper & this too I promise you in accordance to my heart! If something bugs you just say you need some rest and excuse yourself. Things will be fine after that. I promise you this. Hugs to you!..... I promise things will be fine now! Let us pray..... LORD! CAN YOU HEAR ME LORD? I'm sending up a small request. Are you there Lord??? Please hear me my saving Christ!!! In the name of JESUS...... GOD bless you all!!!! Amen...........

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