spring snow


I am Japanese working as registered nurse at Palliative Care Unit. Even though now I am in Japan but I used to live in England more than 10 years and also Spain and Australia.
When I was in England, I took a course to study Vegetarian cookery at college. My original background as medical profession was Dietitian so that I have been interested in cooking and nutrition. ( but also I studied Nursing to get registered nurse license later on )
Food is medicine and food is love :)

Because of my experience to live in different countries , also it has given me many chances to learn different culture and also different cooking recipes.

Sadly all of my family have passed away so I have no family but whenever I cook anything I remember my mother's voice as she said " Cooking with love is important".

Japan has beautiful unique 4 seasons and each season has their own special vegetables and fruits. I live south western part of Japan, NOT Tokyo or Osaka. So it's easy to get fresh seasonal local products.
My life is busy to work but I enjoy my life with beautiful nature and also with many precious friends from all over the world.