I am a German/Spanish multidisciplinary artist and BSc Psychologist on the autism spectrum. My art - graphics, mixed media, prints, objects, videos, electronic music, poetry - focusses mostly on the dark side of the human condition.
The work of Käthe Kollwitz that I saw at the age of 12 have initiated my decision to become an artist.Her honest, personal and ruthless portrayal of the horrors of the First World War have shaped my aesthetics as well as my approach to the meaning of art as a mixture of personal catharsis and social criticism.
I like for visual and mental inspiration: books about cave paintings, medieval art and living, biology, space travel, anatomy, ethnology, anthropology, geology, myths, symbols, history… I think the only topics I am not interested in at all are economy and business (you can see that in my mostly empty bank account…).
A German TV station bought some sinister-surrealistic experimental short clips and I took part in several group exhibitions, e.g. in Moscow, London, Madrid and Detroit. As a living and in line with my personal values - that art and education are essential to human well-being - I do art therapy projects for socio-economically disadvantaged children.
I am trying to be active in the autism advocacy and neurodiversity movement, as there is so much to do and to learn.

You can find my art and writing all over the internet:

Maybe you have a euro, a dollar or a pound left for a cup of coffee? Or like the German punks said: "Haste mal ´ne Mark?"