I am dedicated and passionate about design and development of simple, effective and efficient digital products tailored to meet user’s satisfaction. My rich experience and wide-ranging challenges enabled me to gain and develop new skills and competences constantly. I have an unquestionable ability to take on new and different challenges based on full confidence of my own professional knowledge. All this goes hand in hand with my calm and controlled behaviour.

My working experience (Creative director at Natonal TV, Creative Director at Futurahouse, IT Manager at British Council), my great dedication to helping, teaching, guiding, engaging all people around me, as well as enjoying the team work, my ability to focus on different types of issues at the same time, a good personal organization, great communication and management skills, accuracy, responsibility and respect for deadlines are just a few reasons why you should consider me to work with. I am hard working, responsible, persistent, loyal, communicative and open person, willing to learn, who will be performing his job in accurate, professional and devoted manner. In case you need more clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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