Nisthur Anadi

I am Sharma, happily married. I am born to hindu brahmin family. Purely vegetarian never drink or smoke neither indulge in any other activity of that sort. I believe in Hindu religion but respect other religions and their lifestyle , enthusiastic about knowing others religious views. My interest of field is supreme soul and his style of management to this universe. I just stumble upon writing it's never planned and continuing this activity till the time i am passionate about my poems and getting support from my readers. Every time my mind strike to any idea i try to communicate through my poems and write ups to explain the idea behind the poem. Poems are like Gagar mein sagar ( Ocean in Pot) . So far i found blogging interesting and exciting and growing my interest with each passing day. In order to maintain my professional life and my hobby both apart i write under my pen name Nisthur Anadi Nisthur means "heart less " Anadi means '' a novice '' or Ignorant I mainly write about spirituality and life, rarely write about fiction. The only grudge i am having with life is its being excessive busy, Hope life will give me opportunity for the activities i love to do. I love my pen name Nisthur and request the bloggers to address me with same name. Nisthur Anadi

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