Franky tells it like it is

North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

So this is the "About Me" part:

I was born and raised in Germany. So bare with me, if some sentences come out funny as my mother tongue is not english!
I am an armee wife and mother of 4 children.
Currently we live in North Yorkshire. But believe me, I will not leave this beautiful island ever again!!!

I have two years time (we have the year 2015) to figure out what to do with my life!
After summer 2017 my youngest one Cash will go to school and that means, I have to find a job. Not because I need to (well maybe partly, because it is always good when you have some extra cash on the bank) but because I am looking for a purpose in life!
Don´t get me wrong, I had a lot of jobs from secretary (hmmm... a bit boring), maid (I don´t mind cleaning hotelrooms, but if you have to fight for the rooms with your colleagues it is no fun), piercer (no one can work as a piercer forever), lots of other jobs till check-in agent for airports (very stressful, but best job ever).
But nothing I did satisfied me, I always thought there must be more!

So maybe, just maybe I am talented enough to build something up here, write for magazines or who knows what to make a living.
And if not, if people think I am boring or not talented enough at least I can write about my life and thoughts!

But what I do know, what I really want to do is to become a ultra marathoner!!! Currently I am a half marathon level, but I will train until I reach my goal!!!

Giving up is not an option!

So read my blog, leave comments, get in touch, follow me on my journey!