Noah Weiss

I am a visiting assistant professor at Carthage College, with a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from Northwestern University. I love conversations about anything.

In addition to mathematics, I am interested in college sports, music, bike riding, board games, card games, and in general, almost anything can pique my interest.

I joined the blogosphere after returning to the USA from a Birthright Israel trip in 2011, and I enjoy posting about my interests, vintage journal entries that I have made, and various topics that may pop up in my life.

Each year, I have two open-ended post-every-day-in-a-month challenges: these are May Acquires Posts Logged Everyday (M.A.P.L.E.) and One Creative Title Of Blog Everyday Regimen (O.C.T.O.B.E.R.)

In 2014, I completed a self-imposed daily posting challenge, called M.M.X.I.V. (More Memories Times Introspective Variety).

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