T. R. Noble

Growing up as a teen, adults did not provide me with the answers I wanted. I thought I knew a lot. I thought I was quite mature for my age, and regarding Christian topics. I lacked Christian peers in my teens, and I greatly desired sisters in Christ. However, in my 20s, I discovered deeper truths than what I had known before. I saw the importance of understanding and being able to identify deception, false teachers/prophets. I realized my own ignorance about the Bible and the need to study all portions, not just the end-times. I was deceived for many years about finding my purpose, fearing I was misunderstanding God's will, but Ephesians 2:10 answered that for me. We were created for good works. God's will is the same for everyone. Scripture shows us His will is that we are a part of Christ, follow His commandments, and edify the body of Christ.
I started my main blog Inside Cup in 2017. My goal is to help readers grow in the word of God. To trust His word and see how growing in His truth naturally increases our walk with Him. To tear apart deceptions that have blinded us and to encourage all to dive deeper into the word of God, as well as learn Christian Apologetics.
I have a more personal blog, Peeking Beneath, which occasionally is updated, and I am working on a new blog for women and teen girls. Aside from blogging, I am a wife. I am working on a Christian Fantasy series. I enjoy painting, gardening, cooking, reading, and learning from godly men and women.