"Words that are silenced, are lethal secrets to destroy your soul. Speak your truth". - Denise

I am an overcomer...A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, rape as a teenager, and actively working my recovery and living sober from an addiction to diet pills and laxatives, an eating disorder called bulemia. This, does not define me, but are the experiences that have helped "mold" me into the Woman that I am today. I thank God for the opportunity to encourage others, to never give up hope.

I am a wife, a mom to 3 adult son's, a daughter-in-love, a daughter and soon to be granddaughter arriving in May 2018. I am a creative, think outside the box type person who completely loves finding joy in "seeing" the gold in other's.

No Longer Held Captive...from my childhood secrets, is my Journey to Freedom, Join Me!

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