Angela G.

I never didn't believe in God. At 12, my best friend in middle school was a Baptist preacher's daughter who told me that I needed to ask Jesus into my heart to be saved, so I did. I did it again a few more times over the years because I never felt changed. In my twenties, married with little ones, I had the thought that I was lukewarm, but I brushed it off. After all, I went to church every week, I listened to Christian music, I prayed every day; I was fine. Fast forward to 41. I was divorced and living with my soon-to-be second husband. I was waking up to the times we are living in (the end times), and I had the thought again, "You are lukewarm." But this time, it came with something else: "Get hot, or I will spew you out of My mouth." Fear hit me like I had never felt before. I did not want to be separated from God. I would give Him my life -- my WHOLE life -- and dedicate myself to Him. I cleaned out the bottom of a spare closet and brought in a big pillow and fluffy blanket and made an appointment to pray and read the Bible every single day. Soon, that change that I had never felt in my entire life was now upon me. Jesus was not just a side dish to an already full life. He was and is my everything. He gave me His spirit and started to teach me when I read the Bible. I became red hot for Him, and I have never looked back.