Nicole Osmond


Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. Lovely to meet you.

I'm waving hello from Halifax, Nova Scotia. A beautiful city and province on the east coast of Canada.

I choose experiences over things. They fill me up in ways tangible things never will.

I am a Customer Success Coach helping companies succeed by cultivating a Customer Committed mindset. I am the founder and co-founder of two Social Purpose businesses. They inspire me to be better and do better every day.

My 20+ year career has been dedicated to People Empowerment, and Entrepreneurship has been a central theme. I see the potential in people.

I fully appreciate the level of commitment an entrepreneurial path requires as it’s one of uncertainty and increased risk. On the flip side, the rewards – both monetary and intrinsic can be immeasurable.

I’ve held leadership positions in Community Development Organizations, and I’ve seen the power of words. If chosen with care they will inspire action. It is through this journey that I honed my skills in writing and discovered the compelling need to express ideas through words on a page.

My mantra is, ‘Always Try. Trying, no matter the outcome is always better than regretting.”

That’s a little about me.

I hope to learn more about you!