In the search for unprocessed and probiotic-rich yoghurt, NPSelection soon realised that we cannot buy unprocessed yoghurt from the supermarket. We found varieties of yoghurts with different flavours, with fruits, granola or jam, but we could not find yoghurt that can add rich probiotic properties to the diet. A number of yoghurt brands containing additives (flavours, thickeners, other) and involving processing are huge, but those who are perfectly balanced are expensive and this was the reason to develop a selection of yoghurt and kefir starters with just one simple idea.
If you can make it at home as our grandparents used to do it – is just as authentic as theirs
The knowledge for this is not forbidden, we just make sure that is not forgotten and our tools and explainers can only help and transform the ancient practice to the new age of technology.
Please don’t forget to re-culture the initial batch again and again.
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