Nathan Stanford Sr

Harrington, Delaware, USA

Nathan is a Programmer and Author.

Nathan created several applications while working for various companies. These companies include University of Maryland, Department of State, Criterion Systems, CACI,,, American Airlines, GTE/Verizon, Oreck, and Cameron Ashley Building Products.Working both solo and as part of a team, Nathan has developed a variety of applications, including a: Y2K project American Airlines, customer service management tool kit, planning system, budget forecasting system, purchase order system, inventory system, stats system, project management system, calendar, message board, and an asset management system .

He and his lovely wife of 29 years, Stacey, love and adore their three handsome boys, Nathan (26), Anthony (20) and Christopher (11). Stacey has a hobby of decorating cakes and Nathan enjoys the time they spend together. The Wii, Xbox 360, and PC games are popular diversions for Nathan and his sons. He likes to go fishing with his boys when not spending time with his wife. They reside in Harrington, Delaware. Yes, I know what a long trip to get to work.