Numerology Helper: Find Your Number & Reading

I have always been interested in numerology and discover the Power of Numerology & Law of Attraction.

Numerology is an ancient art that has been around for thousands of years. Many believe it is more accurate than astrology, which relies solely on the sun and moon in determining one's birth date. Numerology works by having the reader look at the numbers that surround each name on a numerical chart. There are many types of natal charts that can be used. The chart works with a "chart formula", which is based on the relationship between the names of the persons that are being studied and the planets they were born under. In this way, a reader can determine who their next born relative will be based on the natal chart.

By using a numerical chart, a reader can assign an individual numerical value to every letter in the name. And once these numbers are added together, reveal the energy that gives TONS of personal information about the person, such as: character. Numerologists have the ability to identify what kind of life an individual has lived since birth. They can also find people's hidden talents or hidden desires. This can be a great way to find out what kind of person a person is. This is an easy skill to learn and a good tool to have around.

When you take your numerology reading, make sure to pay attention to what you learn. Many times numerologists will give you a short explanation of the process so you know exactly what you are learning. And remember, there are no "quick" fixes here. A good reading can take some time to learn. And, even though it is easy to learn, it is not easy to master! Take your time and don't get impatient with the reading. It can take time, but the rewards can be rewarding!