Porto, Portugal

Portuguese geeky girl (bookworm and gamer, but super girly too!) back home in Portugal after having spent 5 years in the UK. My first OS was Win 3.1 and Sony Playstation was officially the first console I’ve owned - of course that didn’t stop me from emulating SNES and GameBoy games, mostly RPGs. Roleplaying games were part of my childhood, they expanded my horizons and made me become interested in writing and reading Fantasy as well.

I'm a UX Designer, which to make it simple, it’s a Web Designer of some sorts. I live and breathe technology and creativity, even at work.

I LOVE blogging, I’ve first started blogging when I was 17 on blogspot, and since then, have used cutenews,,, amongst others.
Life is too short to do everything I want to do!

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