We Bought A Boat

About me...well...I started off as a girl at a Christian college, determined to be married to one man for the rest of my school-teaching life. Now, at age 37, my three children (13, 11, 9) and I live with my new husband, his two children (15, 6), and our new 5 month old son. I am a Masters level mental health counselor pursuing a PhD on top of running my own therapy practice and being wife/mom, head chef, lead cleaning lady, and diaper changer extraordinaire. In my spare moments, I'm usually in the midst of daydreaming and planning our next adventure, but also trying to soak in every incredible moment of the here and now. It's not always an easy life, but it's a wonderful life. And to add to it all...we just bought our first sailboat and are hoping to start working towards full time cruising. I hope that by sharing it with others, we'll all grow, learn, and be a little more fulfilled as we travel on our own adventures. :-)