An Onima

I decided to write a blog because for years I have been thinking about the phrase "anorexia saved my life". The intention is not to make any propaganda to eating disorders, I just want to retrace my memories.
I am an obese, anorexic and bulimic woman. I use the present as verbal time because these realities coexist in me.
The past is not erased and the future is still to be built, but in the middle there is a present to live in.
It is the first time that I really write something that represents me and I want to do it the way it will come out of my mind.
The idea of doing it "publicly" is because, perhaps, "sharing" by any means is a form of personal awareness.
I write to you, but I write to myself. I am my audience and I will be the executioner and victim of what I write.