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About Us
E-Therapy, based in the United Kingdom, is an online platform which facilitates connections with online therapists and counsellors. Their aim is to help clients suffering from different kinds of social disorders – all from a place and time that is convenient for them.
Our platform assists our clients in finding the right therapist for their specific needs. We believe mental challenges are common and can be defined in different ways depending on the situation, therefore therapy has to be readily available to everyone at any given moment.
What We Offer
At E-therapy we offer online therapy and online counselling services that are convenient and affordable. We provide a friendly environment that allows interaction between therapist and clients. Clients chat with our therapists one-on-one in a confidential setting using our online platform – accessible through desktop and mobile devices.
Our counsellors can help you with any of these issues:
• Stress, work issues and relationship difficulties
• Mood and anxiety
• Tobacco, alcohol and drug related challenges
• Problem Gambling
• Eating difficulties and weight-related issues
• Grief and bereavement
• Life coaching and guidance
Why Choosing Online Therapy
We believe online therapy is the way of the future for better means of accessing emotional help. Online therapy and online counselling offer better value than face-to-face counselling.
There is no waiting in long queues, all you need is to have a reliable computer (or mobile device) and internet connection.
Online therapy helps in bringing your confidence back, as you connect with a therapist of choice and get to say anything that might be prohibiting you from living life to the full. Also, many people are more open to expressing their thoughts and feelings online - rather than in the same room with a therapist.
At E-Therapy we embrace the importance of online therapy and online counselling, as it is helpful for those with limited resources, lack transportation – or are otherwise unable or those individuals who do not like to visit a therapist’s office.
We give you every reason to participate in treatment and to learn ways on how to manage your condition. We strive to make a difference in people lives, assisting them to attain happiness and prosperity.

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