Khatim Abbas

“There are years that ask questions, and years that answer.” Zora Neale Hurston

My surplus of energy and creative mentality teamed up with my love for freedom of thought, expression and application, to end up conspiring against my innate need for safety and the security of having a comfort zone, pushing me over the edge of “conformity”, “mediocrity” and “hesitance”, to take an unexpected, risky and yet thrilling plunge into many marvellous oceans of passion, throughout the course of my adult life, filled with countless opportunities, risks, lessons & rewards, the three most important of which:

Cosmopolitanism, Autodidactism & Entrepreneurship.

So, basically, I am a “victim” of coincidence & circumstance.

In 2008, I started a company & ran it for five prosperous years, beating the impending global financial crisis in the wake of 2008 by achieving > 100% yearly sales-growth three years on a row, providing work for 500+ top-class freelance profs worldwide, while boasting a stand-by 5000-member freelance network in 60+ countries & 60+ languages, delivering high quality-sensitive services to big global brand clients like PWC, Hilton Worldwide & WWF, using affordable yet robust cloud-based technology in terms of software deployment for business management, sales & marketing automation, project management & quality assurance & quality control.

Currently I am a Digital Sales Professional.

Continuous learning is the air I breathe, Curiosity runs in my blood, Critical thinking is my peaceful state of mind and Communication is my constant reminder that I’m alive and will always thrive to take yet another dive into the unknown.

I communicate, therefore I am.

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