Being one of those overrated management grad, I have learnt to handle corporate for half a decade and have been handling corporate for almost half a decade. Then as it happened one night, I lost the keys to my home, was waiting for the BAE to come back from office party and sipping on local beer at a shady pub. It rained incessant for the day and power cut loomed large. At around 12, I was stranded on the street with a dead cellphone in hand and not a place to go ( I am a migrant in Bangalore, originally from Kolkata, 2000 miles away, family resides at the expanse of my country). And at the dark of night I realized how time is running by. The stark contrast of eternity of time and empty meagerness of my one life left me baffled and I decided to scribble down about my experiences. So here comes the wayfarer of a life.