MultiDimensional LovingOneness

OrbisErihtru as spiritual teacher and writer, living and working in Kragujevac, Serbia on global consciousness transformation. From birth naturally perceives other people’s thoughts, feelings and multi-dimensional reality. Working with the spiritual etheric/angelic teachers is the joy of omniscience. Different groups of essential teachers are dedicated working with us, they changing how we are progressing according to sphere of interest. 3D reality is just one of many dimensions of existence, which can easily observe when we are without fear, within unconditional love. Human consciousness is rapidly increasing with flow of love/truth in representation. Simply: positive thought pattern will bring you sweet sensation, you will be again the glowing-glittering love essence.

We are Establish in this Delighting State of Ultimate Free Will Power, Eruption Peak of Creativity and Pure Peace Overcome Ingredient from LovingOneness Spells. In this State We are Perfected Human Beings in Opening Upgrade to more Interesting, more Responsible Lessons.


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