Kenya, Nairobi.

Otto Benecker development Foundation is located in Kenya. It is a non-profit organization that empowers women, girls and youth through sporting activities, creative arts and media. Such platforms are used to address sexual reproductive health issues, economic empowerment and leadership and advocacy concerns.
Otto Benecker covers the following thematic areas:
1. reproductive health
2. leadership & advocacy
3. economic empowerment
4. information communication (girl's football, creative arts & media)

The Vision
To see socio-economically empowered and liberated youth and women actively engaging in development and trans-formative governance activities in their communities, counties and country at large.

The Mission
To empower women, girls and youth socio-economically through development of their skills in information communication, leadership and governance, reproductive health and socio-empowerment in Kenya.

Core Values
The following are the core values of Otto Benecker Development Foundation:
 transparency;
 accountability;
 respect for human rights;
 respect for democracy;
 Ingenuity & Innovativeness.

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