Let's see, I have two doctorates - one in Natural Health and another in Psychology. I'm also a bit clairvoyant - which really bugs me sometimes. I believe the essential nature of our words can never be exhausted by their meanings, nor can their importance be confirmed only by their usefulness. They are amazing transmitters of all our thoughts and ideas.

Everyone is gifted with the ability to discover the infinite healing powers that live within them. Those powers become the foundation of all our healing, dreams, creativity, self-identity, and uniqueness to becomes part of our soul.

The Deb's Dragons website shares information on the various ways we can transform ourselves and humanity. You'll read a bit about the raw truths of living authentically while trying to survive it. I lived through 12 years of abuse that, in the end, made me who I am today. I'm no longer a victim of abuse.

I'm someone who survived hell to be able to walk in the glory of living a full life.

Dr. Deb