Paata Gamgoneishvilly

I have been at PolyOne Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio. After finishing my undergraduate degree, I joined PolyOne’s Finance Leadership Development Program where I completed four assignments in different areas of finance including a six month rotation at PolyOne’s European headquarters in Luxembourg. I then spent another 16 months in Luxembourg as a financial analyst where I was responsible for understanding the drivers of the European business. This assignment provided first-hand experience with the challenges and opportunities of operating a global business. After returning to the US, I took over all financial responsibilities of the Color and Additives North America, South America and Specialty Coatings businesses serving as the senior finance manager. In the 4th quarter of 2016, while still in the Ross WMBA program, I was promoted to the position of finance director for the Designed Structures and Solutions business and played a key role in PolyOne's divestiture of the business in July of 2017. After the divestiture, I was retained by PolyOne and am still in a finance director capacity.