I am not a trained therapist, but I graduated from Grand Rapids School of the Bible & Music with an emphasis in scriptural studies. Later I received my Bachelor's Degree in Business from Cornerstone University. I have had a variety of business opportunities that include management in a Bank call center, Insurance and working in Assisted Living working with Alzheimers Dementia residents as their Life Enrichment or Activities Director. I have worked in a variety of ministry opportunities as well. I have worked in an Inner City Youth Ministry, A Homeless Ministry, Director, Booking Agent & Bass in a Mixed Gospel Quartet, and the Sunday School Superintendent in a small Bible Church. I had about 30 teachers, an Assistant and a committee with loads of vision. The last fourteen years of my life have been a process of learning and growth that I would have never expected. The result of this process is the reason for this Blog. It is my desire to encourage others who are facing similar struggles with surgery and illness. If I have accomplished that goal, I will be satisfied.