My college friend Kathy's parents denied themselves treats and trips to save their money and buy a little property in Florida. It was their retirement getaway.

Kathy's father retired after many years as a healthy, hardworking postal carrier. Less than a week later, he had a heart attack and died. Her mother sold the Florida place and died in their little home only a few years after her husband passed.

Not so long ago, I turned 60, and this story, as I look forward to retirement, haunts me.

I believe each of us has an obligation to realize our gifts. In the higher ed classroom and as a manager, I've worked to help others find and use their rich talents. My husband, from childhood, longed to practice law; life spun him in different directions. We took off on a grand law school adventure when I was in my late forties; Mark is now an assistant prosecutor. And I have a wonderful adult son with autism. Jim is bright and funny and full of unlocked potential; as my age creeps onward, it becomes more and more urgent to help him find the key.

And, if I really am going to develop the discipline and the skills to write down all the stories and thoughts and snippets of verse I've been promising myself I will record 'when time allows,' I'd better stop waiting. This blog is a place where I begin.

As you explore your own path, thanks for reading. It's a privilege to share the journey!


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