Dr Churchill

Leading Ethical Candidate for the U.S. Senate on behalf of the State of Washington.
President of the Lincoln Party of the United States.
Innovator, Inventor, Medicine Man, Angel Investor, Leader, Writer, Entrepreneur, Inventor, and all around Angel, and WellHeart CEO.

And above all else: "Et ne stercore"

Welcome to my humble den of ideas.

Come be inspired, get engaged, and stay informed, and maybe take some action that will change our world.

You are welcome here to read, learn, share, and exchange great ideas and powerful messages for the betterment of all.

Leadership is a participatory sport and open to a passionate person that enters the arena to fight. We'll teach you that game. And we'll also help you learn the ropes of Success in Business and Life. But above all else we'll teach You to start businesses and lead corporations by following our Open Source ways of creating new Innovative Startups and sharing the wealth with others for the common benefit.


What is the Lincoln Party?

The Lincoln Party is the accumulation of the aspirations of both Independent Citizens as well as those leaning towards the Republican, Fighting Democrat, or even Libertarian parties. We have joined forces with those members of our Body Politic in an effort towards Innovation in our Democratic republic.

Yet the Lincoln Party is also the home of the fully Independent minded people who have no party affiliation whatsoever. The home of the Progressive third party, the home of Independents, the pursuers of Liberty and the lovers of Freedom and Democracy in our Constitutional Republic.

We have always been seeking to create a better Body Politic, and perhaps this is the way to find a new path towards keeping our Constitutional and Liberal Republic alive and well for the long term, or at least till the next generation takes over and runs the race on behalf of their future, because a nation is an agreement between those who came before us and those yet to be born. Yet we are the keepers of the flame – the guardians of the agreement to behold and safeguard our Founding Principles, our Unity, and our Constitution.

The Lincoln Party is the way to be a true Independent, a fighting Democrat, or a Compassionate Republican, in today's polarized and partisan Constitutional Republic of the United States without abandoning the team colors of your party -- yet still voting your Conscience.

The Lincoln Party is for all those who choose to take a strong stand and want to fight corruption, cronyism, and fascism, in our Democratic Politics. We welcome everyone, because we are not traditional Independent, Republicans, or Democrats. We are Conservative Independents and Progressives across many platforms. We are the 99%. We support the idea that it's time for a political revolution in our nation. Of the people, for the people, by the people, and we are the ones who are not for sale. Because being progressive is more about wanting to move the country forward, to advocate change, to step away from the establishment, to advance new humanitarian ideas, policies and methods which focus on transparency, liberty, democracy, justice, and equality. We support a national Independent Coalition Party outside the DNC and the GOP. We don’t view being progressive as taking a particular political stance, but by moving the wheel of History forward. Regardless of who wins the elections in the short term, it's time to create the people's party. Two party politics have led us to the troubles we face now. Troubles like the election rigging, voter suppression, super delegate manipulation, lobby corruption in politics, and moneyed political corruption. Many similar groups have been organized recently, not to mention those established in the past. It's our long term goal to consolidate with these groups and bring a new Independent Coalition Party forward before 2012. This is not about GOP vs DNC. It's about the 99%. It's about us. Forming grassroots movements, empowering ourselves and those around us, strengthening community, and taking action everywhere that we can help others -- these are the principles we support.

So go ahead and Invite your friends, and make this your political home. Feel free to post blog pieces, articles, videos, pics, memes, and links. Join us in organizing events and actions, starting discussions, sharing opinions, and becoming the Townhall center where we are researching the reality of a third party, that can reach out to other parties and support them according to their True Impact on this Country of ours.

All are welcome. We're a Family For Progress.

And of course the Lincoln Party is the Home of all those patriots that believe in UNITY, and choose to support our country's journey forward towards a Great Future to believe in.

We have an enormous interest in public service and have been working towards making the world a better place for quite a while now. And now that Bernie has given up on the Movement -- we've chosen to carry on by ourselves. Since we became conscious of the power of our Collective Actions -- we decided to carry forth the New America movement in order to change the people in Congress and the Senate, with True Progressives who can safely earn our Vote, not because they deserve it, but because they earn it.

And that is the reason why we've made the effort and allocated the time and dedicated adequate resources to work with the Lincoln Party in these United States of America – our home.

The Lincoln party is the only party of Unity in America. And we are the ones that walk the middle line between the two main parties. We follow the golden rule of classical politics. We are all inclusive because we invite all the people to join us -- so long as they are flexible and adaptable towards all others. Regardless of creed, color of the skin, origin, nativity, sex, and orientation in Society -- we are all together fighting this war of survival on behalf of our Constitutional Republic.

And don't ever think that this is an exercise in Politicking like some Politicians are doing to get elected. I am doing all of this as an American strictly because I see the political corruption and the everyday business and societal corruption, endangering the very existence of our beloved Republic. Political corruption being the cancer in the body politic -- we have to make every effort to excise it and stop it from killing the host: Our Great Democracy.

We founded the Lincoln party in honor of the first Civil Rights Activist -- the Honest Abraham Lincoln. And we went further yet, because we followed Honest Abe's platform for his many electoral efforts, and we used the same seven planks for our Platform today, only adjusted for the current age, for technological progress, and Innovative political climate.

The Lincoln Party is the place to find guidance and support for our Democratic Republic when we search to find progressive Candidates accessible to American Citizens and especially to the active Voters, in their pursuit of growth of our Constitutional Republic through Innovative Policy Advocacy for Liberty, Democracy, and Progress.

We are all Lincoln followers from the United States, starting from the State of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California, and rapidly spreading across this Great Land of ours, and we are supporting both Progressive and Conservative Policies and Candidates for our Democratic Republic.

We want to caucus as a Group for the National Elections same as we caucus for the State Primaries and all Electoral contests. We further want to vote as a block of Independents in order to alter the balance of the Establishment Crony Politicians that rule the destiny of these United States, like some "Tammany Hall" corrupt politicians did so many years ago.

We aim to change that...

We are Jeffersonian Democrats and Hamiltonian Republicans, united in the pursuit of the Unity that Lincoln promised who also believed that we can take back our government from the corrupt & complicit career politicians in Washington DC Senate and House.

Therefore we also support Dr Pano Churchill -- Founder and Funder of the Lincoln Caucus -- in his electoral fight for the position of Senator of the United States Senate, on behalf of the Great State of Washington, same as we support all those others who run as Lincoln Caucus Candidates, Independents, Libertarians, Compassionate Republicans, and Fighting Democrats.

Join us and organize for the upcoming elections with us....

Keep in mind that if you invest in the Success of others - You'll be successful as well. And that is what the purpose of this blog is all about: To teach You how to be successful and share this success with many others near and far.

So Read On and Come with me to fight the dragons and slay the monsters that keep our people cowering, and afraid, hiding under the duvet.
Like most Good Hollywood movies, I promise to You that the good fight will be won, and that You shall be entertained, while together we'll keep on fighting until the Drama turns into Comedy and Romance and until the cowboy eventually marries the girl, your company succeeds, and our country moves forward in the right way... and we all live in peace, and harmony.

Love conquers all but it needs some serious assistance form Justice and Equity. That's how you fight for Social and Human Justice and that's how You do Philanthropy and Leadership.

Remember that cowboy earlier?
He marries the girl - right?
Yes, but not until he wins the rodeo and buys her flowers and a rock to put on her finger. And that takes serious dough - so come with me and built your company, bring your innovation to the world, and liberate yourself to live as you want to by sharing the skills of job and wealth creation that I'll teach you.

Have no doubt - together we will change the world to a better place.

R U Coming?

So what is it that we do here? Here we make an effort to inform and inspire same as we lead. I believe that the only way to lead is from the front and center and this I practice with all the companies we create.

And that is my number one job: To create tons of companies, wealth, and jobs. To be a passionate Leader, a successful Entrepreneur, and a cool Scientist. To live as a good family person, amongst the people - always remembering that the human family is encompassing all of us. I strive to do the best I can for as long as I can and to be a Friend to All and help as many as I can. I learn from the best and I keep following the advise of William Penn, even though it's really difficult at times...

"A true friend unbosoms freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably."
"Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it."
"A good End cannot sanctify evil Means; nor must we ever do Evil, that Good may come out of it."

Penn's guidance for Life, has served me well, and has led me to a successful Life and to the launch of Thousands of Jobs & Companies through Open Sourcing my unique method of Innovation, Startup Entrepreneurship, and fast company creation.

And on wealth creation, frugality, prudence and trustworthiness, are keys to long term growth and to giving us the capacity to help others succeed as well.

In Business I have found that the dictum of leading a simple and plain living life has been a great strength all along -- and especially in times of crises.

In the various Finance, and Venture Capital businesses that I have started, and in the Banking concerns that I have founded, I have always entered these practical thoughts as the most important DNA code in the creation of these firms.

To simply state that, "honesty, integrity and plain dealing," always guide my founding of Finance Firms is to perhaps underestimate my adherence to Old School Classical Economics, and to the Business Acumen of High Finance. Yet, as any one intelligent about such matters would tell you -- the guiding principles of "honesty, integrity and plain dealing" are more than enough to get you to be successful in the world of Finance, and Investments.

Maybe someday, somehow, You too can become a ‘plain Friend’, dedicating your life to your family, to your work, to kindness, to compassion, to humanity, to progress towards a better world, and to the good causes.

Do this and success is assured...

Why and How of these... writings.

As for most people -- my Life is running in several tracks albeit all intertwined and widely divergent. Just like the Multiverse we are all living into - one creation story doesn't exactly do justice to the Truth or to Reality.
Starting out as a baby ham radio operator and a radio frequency and algorithm experimenter, it came to me naturally that wireless radio communication is the future. As a child I could hope that one day all of us will be wireless... And after working parallel to my school days as a Cellular Telephony Innovator, and after co-creating and pushing WI-FI as an industry standard -- we caused a Revolution in the Mobile Internet and Telecommunications arena. Yet we also ushered the wireless everything time that caused the most important massive disruption in the field of Telecoms that saw tremendous Capital value shifts from the Big Telcos that went bankrupt and had to refashion themselves as simple utilities [see AT&T] to the young upstarts that dominate todays Smartphone World. Apple has been the greatest beneficiary of this as the most valuable world company today. Yours truly offered to my old friend Steve Jobs the Wi-Fi as an open source code and that act alone caused a revolution that in turn spawned several hundreds of companies to StartUp and be Created.
Naturally,, I evolved to Angel Investing and Evangelizing the new technologies we created and the Future that I could see Clearly beyond the horizon, having scaled the mountain peaks.
Yet I always kept my company cookie cutter running by creating a bunch of Companies at a time, through my Innovation StartUp Weekend Master Class of actual Company Creation by utilizing the best talented Human Capital with deep domain expertise from the world's best University schools. And I open-sourced this method so that many others can follow on my footsteps and empower people by teaching them to start Companies and Jobs. It's probably the best Open Source effort that I've founded, even greater than the Open Sourcing of the Wi-Fi standard.

So I still teach the Art of Company creation to those that want to go around creating companies and acting as Leaders in the Community. And I also do my own Innovation Startup Weekend at the Good Universities around the world, a few times a year as time allows. Together we create strong employment in the areas of Science that we focus and we cross pollinate all scientific disciplines now, because the successful StartUp company creation Technology is universal and can be successfully applied in every field of Science, Medicine, and technological breakthrough.

So I live on the Bleeding Edge of Everything and occasionally I also write about everything...

Yet my daily Life revolves around Innovating against the Big problems and that helps humanity and the world in turn solve, the most pressing problems and address the most difficult issues like Heart Disease, or Corruption, or Social Injustice, or Political and Ideological Mind rot, and Environmental Degradation in a fast warming planet.
And we have made some backwards progress in the years I've been on this Earth, so much so that I focused my attention to this problem in a big way. Fully convinced by proper Science and Earth's vital signs observation, that we are running a "Fever" I have innovated via technology, via Financial engineering and through Advocacy and through smart Policy Delivery to formulate robust responses in order to stop global warming and thus arrest our speedy slide to Perdition.

Since the first Earth Day in RIo, some twenty years ago -- we are working on applying the ideas of the Environmental Parliament and delivering robust bipartisan Policy to all the democratically elected Houses of Parliaments across the World. We've offered well developed and thoroughly masticated Environmental Policy to the US Congress to the UK Parliament, to the European Union Parliament, to the EU policy union, to the various parliaments of the member countries of the EUropean Union, to the CHinese Parliament and the Politburo of the people's party, to the US house of Senate, to the UK house of Lords, to most all of the globe's elected democratically parliament heads and to many city and states that are interested in cooperation and progress in the face of Catastrophic Climate Chaos. Notable successes of where our Policy was adopted and established as governmental Policy are the European Union's Energy and Environment Commopn Market Policy of 20-20-20, and the Chinese policy of 30-30-30, as well as the US high level policy of the White House today of reducing emissions and the Clean Power Act.
But we have way too much work to do ahead of us if we are to arrest the development of the atmospheric Greenhouse effect that will literally choke all of us to death -- if we don't act to save our sorry asses.
So we had to improvise and use the systems of Global Finance and Investment, in order to redirect Capital, and fashion robust replacement technologies, with robust Financial Instruments that would allow us to upscale these technologies and drive adoption of Clean and Renewable Energies to replace the coal burning that powers up our Economies today.
Thus we invented the Green Bonds that allow us to innovate in the financial incentives that will fund and bring about this change of Energy. And although Public Policy os at the forefront of this -- we also need the Shared Economy to kick in so that people who engage in this Change of Heart -- will thrive.
Marrying the World's Shared Economy to the Dynamic and always evolving Ecosystem is what the Environmental Economics is all about. Sharing this with the World's Leaders is what we are all about. You can participate in the World Forum that the Environmental Parliament is all about and contribute your ideas and views. Yet it is better to first understand the principles by sharing the knowledge. Read the Books: Brain Software, Carbonomics, The Gift Economy, Shared Environmental Economics, and many others. When I wrote these books, foremost on my mind was the need for Leadership Innovation to get us out of the obvious jam we fell into. Yet today the resource constraints are fuel for economic crises on one hand and yet they produce massive Innovation in Business and Enterprise. And although Wireless Communications, the Mobile Internet, Innovation venture business, and Leading Technologies are all demanding & economically driven fields where Innovation is rampant -- it is the Environment and Climate that dictate not only our Economies but our Lives and continued Existence.
When writing my books -- I follow the Philosopher's path because only by asking the relevant questions -- you can get the enlightened answers.
And if our Economies are able to withstand the shocks and recurring crises, it is our foresight that makes them resilient. Habit does not create the Future. Innovation, Economic nudging, Social and distinguished Leadership with proper Institutional Design, is what does.
Essentially all communicators, leaders, and authors, wish to reach an audience through Love & sharing -- hoping to impact the current ideasphere, affect the public debate, and enhance the chances to drive for the kind of future we can all share and thrive within.
Therefore, when I think, write, speak and lead, on the issues of Economy, Leadership, Innovation, Business & the Environment, Internet and Mobile Communications, Social Net sphere, Start ups, Business Models, Ventures, and Private Equity, Banking, Ventures, Family, Good Corporations, Value investments, the newly understood yet ancient shared Economy, the Ecosystem Economic Services, the Leadership of the Commons, and the Economy of Commons, the recuperative economy of "Green Spaces" that promote well being beyond their shareholders and product investment value.
I enjoy being critical as a philosophical contribution about the political and the economic subjects, about history and social institutions, and about leaders for my people, with the single aim of highlighting the path less travelled of all these unexpected connections.
Sustainable Business and Long term value Investing in Responsible Corporations and Banking is my metier. Social leadership is my vocation. Climbing mountains and conquering peaks is my avocation.
This Blog started Life many years ago as a leading subscription newsletter and it evolved into a Leadership blog for and audience of cutting edge Corporations, leading technology StartUps, Mobile and Telecoms CEOs, Economists, Political Leaders, and Bankers who still think like Value Investors.
It became a Read only Bulletin Board with large amount of what I have written in books and articles aimed at a specialized audience of Corporate and Government Leaders.
Being a strict and expensive subscription only model, this remained hidden from most of you for many years...
From the turn of the Millennium century onwards I have quietly shifted to a strictly shared Economy and fully free model of Newsletter, in order to attend to my Responsibilities for Economic Leadership.

It is today a simple Tool of Trade for the Education of Corporate, Social, and Business Leaders. A Blog as a Memento Mori, where I have deposited a bit, about what is truly happening in the world’s most powerful countries and economies - behind the simple news veil - and what that might mean for all of us. Not only what it might mean for our economic well being and wealth creation today yet what it means for our long term Value of Life investment future. But I also look equally hard towards the most powerless countries and the people at the Bottom of the Pyramid. People amongst whom I spend much time in service. People who are the foundation of humanity and the salt of the Earth.
I offer my wealth and my work amongst them religiously -- because these People teach me a whole lot more than any of the powerful and mighty leaders ever could. And spending time in service amongst the poor makes you wealthy beyond compare.
This is the Evolution of what once was the most valuable newsletter for Business and Corporate Leadership.
It is today a simple Tool of Trade for the continued Education of Social and Business Leaders.
There still exits a subscription only newsletter for multinational CEOs, Ethical Investors and Leading Bankers but that is tens of Thousands of Pounds per year and rather specialised. Still if you want it... we are not going to turn you down.
Even though much of what it recommends remains hidden in the Banking leader newsletter, you can still see through my focused writings in English and other languages the present day interests of my peripatetic Life.

That and my many Economic and mainly Philosophical thoughts on Leadership of the Bleeding Edge, informs the title of the Blog.

Here are things I have thought about and found them of interest.
Maybe you will too.
I hope that you will find some resonance in your Life and worth your time reading and thinking after.
I am also intrigued by Leaders aspirations and visions and how they translate into the world's movements or their impacts on our Lives.
The phenomenon of Power and Love, and how that is exercised and experienced in different political cultures -- not just the Anglo-Saxon one is paramount. I am interested in what actively limits our gaining knowledge on important matters, and the widespread phenomenon of studied ignorance, and particularly the ways that this shapes our economic - political environment and our Institutions & Governing bodies. I still truly believe one man can change the world. Romantic? Yes. Be Careful from name calling because it might also be about a woman or a child or a singular event. Complexity theory is for me the Emergence of the day's worth. It is a revelation of Life and I write as if this momentous act of creation shapes my Life. A life lived in the moment. Ruthless? Yes. I will comment regularly on policy and economy. Should they cease to be of interest, trust that Philosophy will guide You. Leadership and Philosophy they should always be seen as parts of the same thing.
Singular aspects of the same coin. Or diamond shaped events as they reflect all the people's hopes and dreams. We evolve and connect our dreams with those of others. A lot of the time I will just be thinking aloud and calling you to be awake too. Sometimes my Avatar will be writing in an experimental way to develop the computer Interface that mimics my personality and writing style. It is a work in progress. Bear with us... Artificial Intelligence? Yes.
I will, in a rather wandering way, follow the unfolding of Your Lives through the string of events in the continium of Life in all areas that interest me, with jottings under the customary dateline, and will ink subjects that come up with relevant bits and pieces in earlier writing with which I will gradually fill up the reservoir of your understanding of pattern recognition. There are a number of themes that I intend to come back to again and again, when I think they are relevant to the questions and dilemmas of twenty-first century existence. My focus is always linked on being able to see the Trends and the High Level Pattern forming that will allow you to become a True Leader, Democracy, Politics, Environmental and Economic American and European developments and the trans-Atlantic relationship, and what these mean for the rest of the world and for your pocketbook is of course an objective.
Yet the Global Commons is my bread. The "bread" I break and share with all others. I share my bread with the most vulnerable and elucidate their relationship to the most powerful and ultimately responsible for the current economic state of the world. Judging? Yes.
After all those who have been given a lot - much is expected from...

And am interested in the birth of the European federalism or the European integration, especially in the context of how a Europe with a voice could play a beneficent role in the world.
Am very interested in the institution of the citizen, and in which manner citizenship remains possible on the supranational level of the European Union.
Is a federal Europe possible with autonomous nation states?
Or are nation-states on the way to the evolutionary extinction bin of history?
Much the same as the city-states of yore?
A further intention is to carry writings of friends and willing strangers whose ideas I think are worth the broadest audience they can get.
Of course I want people everywhere to read this, and hope that like-minded people will want to contribute their own musings.

But I want specifically to address an American, an English, a UK, and a European public and then the Chinese, and a fully Global audience.

Because there exists a great need specifically for the public that lives in the United States of America, in the European Union, and in China, that isn't aligned strongly with their home in a parochial sense but are evolved citizens, patriots, participants who can see the Good of Humanity beyond their own borders.

Evolved People exist everywhere and we aim to engage with them.

Whether Jeffersonian Americans, or plain Christians, or simple Friends, or even Chinese of the Confucian ilk, or Europeans of the Immanuel Kant style, or Global citizens of the Socratic mold -- we are all Humans, We are all Humans just like People. We are all Plain PEOPLE. Parts of the Human Family. We ought to understand that we are all interconnected. We are all leaves of the same Tree. And we must not allow small mindedness to divide us.

We make up the foliage of the great verdant tree of humanity. Because each of us is connected to every person and everything living on this Earth. We are in fact one divine organism having an infinite spiritual existence. Yet we tend to forget. And of course, we may not always comprehend that either. And we certainly very rarely act like that -- but there you have it...

The thing that most people admire about the American people is their openness. And today we also have "open" Europeans who are Internationalists in their aspirations of a United Europe modeled after the United States of America. Having the benefit of various languages they have a greater understanding of other cultures and styles of national identities. Yet they are the best of patriots -- because they understand differences. Great Patriots -- just as Ben Franklin was an American patriot before it became fashionable to be so. There is no public sphere in Europe yet for these people. But it will evolve soon.
It took us, Americans, 50 to 100 years to get there. Heck -- we are still building the Union... Let's see how long will it take for us Europeans, to evolve to a common European identity.
We need Innovation in our Institutions and government. Social Enterprise allows for this to spread through society well before the Glacial Change takes hold in our Governing institutions. No disrespect to Glaciers, because they've been moving far faster lately but so the saying goes.
Democracy has been evolving for two thousand years now and it's still not shared by more than half of the peoples of this Earth...
And invariably I must take an Anglo-American route and explain things from that context as London is where I call home most often. Love the Weather? Yes.

We speak and write with an intent to invest in democratic education because "children" must be brought up free so that they reach their own potential and so that they also spread the message and learn to help all others to be free...
An open & common European public sphere is bound to emerge. That hope is shaped by the entirely reasonable expectation, at some time, that benevolent Union will evolve too. I very much want to contribute to this effort, and perhaps these writings will be offered as a token of such contribution.
And if you enjoy these contributions, you are welcome to bring and offer your own, as well, because this is a crowd sourced Bank of Knowledge and a worthy Bank of Time for our shared Leadership. Share and Include your writings here? Yes.
Absolutely -- Bring it on....

A dream for a United Europe excepting the United Kingdom... and besides a Common Market is a preamble for a peaceful, for a freer, and for a more Democratic Union of European nations and this will be pivotal in helping both Great Britain and the United States to lead the World by spreading the Global Good of Democracy and Liberty, in equal measure across this Earth.

Because that is the Global Commons.

If we get Europe and America to remain united and successfully avoid War in this new century - the United States will find a Great Partner with a successful dynamic equilibrium of economic wellbeing in an always evolving, always changing Healthy Ecosystem.

That's the aim of the Democratic Party for all of Europe that l created in my earlier life... and that is surely the aim of the Lincoln Party that I live and breath in America today.

This is the party of the Great Abe Lincoln the Uniter and Emancipator whose legacy we honor through the Lincoln Party today as I campaign for office in this great Land of ours, and specifically in the Great State of Washington.


If Europe can do this -- after three bloody civil wars -- then the whole world is afoot and able to join in unity and peace through Democracy, with a shared economy of value, a healthy nature and respect for each other. The world wars of last century were really European fratricide that spilled out...

A large European Democracy and the promotion of stable democratic institutions worldwide is the only way really to solve the global issues of the day and above all else the economic climate challenges...

Empirical evidence shows that it is only the Democratic and Free Societies that manage to offer enough support through robust institutions for their Ecosystems. It is Government by the People as expressed in Democracies that through open minds and open markets create successful economies that in turn offer support to the People, the Commons, and to the environment.

This is what the fight for Democracy represents, and that is Why I founded the first pan-European Democratic Party that became part of the European Parliament for the 28 member states of Europe today. That's Leadership in support of the American Mission to spread Peace and Democracy across the many "Peoples" and Nations, of this Earth.

And the operative word here is successful ECONOMIES and Strong Nations. Democracy strengthens all os us and as we remember from History - the focus on Democracy, Liberty, and Fiscal Responsibility, is the only way to maintain Democracy and the Strength of the Republic for the long haul.

This has always been the case.

As Strabo said about the Greeks, the Romans, and others like the people of Taranto: "At one time the Tarantini were exceedingly powerful, that is, when they enjoyed a democratic government." — Strabo

Now the once Great City of Taranto is lost in the sands of History and is but a footnote in the long march of the people towards progress. Let's take care so that our strong Constitutional Republic remain alive for the Ages.

God Bless America

Democracy Rocks as Emmanuel Kant taught, that "freedom is the unoriginated birthright of man, and it belongs to him by force of his humanity.”